Delta Lambda

at Rochester Institute of Technology

Chapter History

The Phi Upsilon Phi Sorority had its beginning in November of 1919, with the permission and cooperation of Dr. Farnum who was at that time President of the Mechanics Institute, now known to us as Rochester Institute of Technology. The purpose of establishing this sorority was to further the spirit of friendship and unity between the departments of Applied and Household Arts. Phi Upsilon Phi brought together women representatives of the highest ideals and standards at the Mechanics Institute.

Phi Upsilon Phi is the oldest social Greek letter organization for women at RIT. The goals which are stressed by the sorority are friendship, scholarship, leadership, and character development. The foremost aim of the sorority is to help the members better themselves through worth-while college experiences which are shared by all. The name Phi Upsilon Phi means unity and fidelity. These ideals we respect and uphold.

On February 24, 1963 Phi Upsilon Phi Sorority was pledged as a colony of the national Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity. It was the first sorority on the RIT campus to take this big and important step toward its further growth and development. After acquiring a thorough understanding of the advantages and responsibilities of being part of an outstanding national organization, the colony was installed as the Delta Lambda chapter of Alpha Xi Delta on October 5, 1963. This affiliation with Alpha Xi Delta is now an essential part of our fraternal life.